Friday, May 24, 2013

Tomatillos tomatillos tomatillos let me go

After all the headaches to get the tomatillos for Pooka. I was quite ready to get them in the ground and be done with them. The minute we got home on Saturday, Pooka and I got them planted while Daddy made lunch. First Mommy had to see what kind of spacing they needed. Turns out they need about 12-18" between them, so I gave them plenty of room this first year, and we can shrink them later if need be.
Figuring out spacing
Some of the plants were already flowering or had tomatillos growing on them. While this is a great sign that the plant is healthy, it also meant the plant wouldn't be focusing on getting good roots when it went in and I would rather it get established and then make even more tomatillos.

I pinched off the flowers and tomatillos and gave them to Pooka. She was going to put them in the bottom of the holes as compost.

No flowers now
Then Pooka and I dug a fairly deep hole. Turns out tomatillos are like tomatoes, and if you bury part of the stem, that stem will grow roots and it will help give the tomatillo a better root system. (More on this later)
Hole before Pooka put in the composting flowers
Lastly, we put the mulch back around the tomatillo's and gave it a good drink. Now to let it get established and then hopefully we can get some nice tomatillos out of it for some salsa verde. Pooka is dreaming of salsa verde, and I am sure I will be coming up with other recipes for them.
Tomatillos ready to go

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