Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A gift from a friend

Pooka was playing at her friend K's house the other day. K has her own garden that is mostly flowers, but her mom has a veggie garden like Pooka.  K's mom said she had some extra flower seeds and asked if Pooka would like some. Pooka... Free seeds... yeah they came home.

Turns out K's grandmother found them in a closet where she works. She had tons of them. Like any good grandmother, she brought them home for K and her siblings. K's mom, having probably 30 packets decided to share the wealth.
Free Seeds for a Pooka
Now, as I have said many times, I do not understand flowers. If I am going to work for it, I want food. However, make it free, and we can try it. and while I have no idea what a Zinnia even is, I figure its worth a start and then we can go from there. Just a day later, Pooka was asking when she could plant these seeds. We pulled out our newly emptied blue pot, put a tad bit of dirt in it and Pooka planted some seeds.
Zinnia is in the blue with basil and dill in the other pots
It has been a few days, and the sprouts have begun. These may need uppotted later, but until then, who knows. Maybe this is the year that Pooka gets to have some extra flowers running around.

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