Friday, May 10, 2013

How to make a garden square

On Monday, I needed something to help me visualize what 1 square foot looks like. As we all know, I can't visualize a thing and have no spacial relations, and I wanted to make sure I had something that would help me get the spacing right as opposed to last year.

Before we planted the rosemary and the basil, I went into the garage on a mission. This whole project was done with things I had on hand.

First I pulled out the one Daddy made for planting the onions. However, you can fit 16 in 1 sq foot there, where rosemary, basil and tomatoes need to be solo. This did give me a nice pattern to go off of.
Daddy's square and my cut tape
Instead of measuring my bamboo stakes like I should of, I put it next to Daddy's and used a piece of tape to mark my cut line. I originally tried a pen, but it didn't show very well on the dark green.
Cut it in half
Since my stakes are 2 ft stakes, this meant that on cut one gave me 2 pieces that would work. I just used a pair of tin snips to cut it since I didn't feel like trying to find Daddy's saw. Please remember, this was me trying to do it fast so I can get back to getting plants in the ground.

4 pieces ready to go
 After cutting a second stake using the same measuring method, I had 4 sides for my square. Pooka got to cut the second one, so long as I held the outside ends. The first time I cut it, we didn't hold both ends and one went flying. I had her stand with me after that.
Tying it together, the lazy person's way
Pooka and I then took zip ties and put it together. I did make a point to have them go opposite ways to give it a bit more strength and stability so it shouldn't fall apart. The zip ties worked so well that Pooka could even attach it.
One finished square. No, its not pretty, but it works, which is all I every go for when doing stuff like this. Its holding together really well and is nice to have a way to visualize what I am doing.

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