Saturday, May 11, 2013

Goodbye Lucky

Wednesday evening we released Lucky. He was very happy in his little habitat, but frankly, I don't need to try and figure out how to keep yet ANOTHER thing alive. He also seemed to like his little star wars plate.
Excuse the fingers, I had to push the entire container down
He didn't seem to fly too well, and in fact, had to be lifted by stick from the habitat to a tomato plant. This took a couple of tries since he fell off at least once. Lucky seems a bit thrown off by the whole outside world thing.

The official Lucky removal tool
Once he was on the tomato plant, he seemed content. Pooka and her friend K had fun and would check on him, then run away to play for awhile, then come back to see if he was still there. I did manage to get some better pictures. His wings are a bit misformed, which I think has something to do with his lack of grace in the air. Here's to you Lucky. You were always just lucky to be alive.
Lucky in his new home, the tomato plant

A side note is that today Pooka's Great Grandfather passed away. Fortunately, Pooka and I have talked about the cycle of life and how things do die. Being able to talk about how she is growing new things and that her Great Grandpa will be watching her helped. You will be missed Great Grandpa, may you fly free now.

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