Friday, May 10, 2013

Hello Harvest

This week we have finally started harvesting something from the garden. On the menu this week was Tuscan chicken with Tomato and basil pasta. Both need fresh herbs and I just couldn't bring myself to buy the nastly little clamshells at the store that cost a fortune. Not when I was going to need basil and rosemary for the front bed.

As a result, on Monday when Pooka and I went out to buy the last of the mulch for the front bed, we bought a few plants too.

The flowers are for another project
I made a point to measure out to the nearest foot where I wanted them so I can kinda stick to that whole square foot garden thing (loosely) but its a better determination then anything I have done so far.

Newly mulched bed
After mulching the bed, Pooka and I got to work playing in the dirt. I promise I laid it all out before we dug holes, I just forgot a picture of it. The basil went in the bottom tier of the bed around what would become the home of my lilac.
Basil in its new home.
 The rosemary went in the top bed, I am not sure how big this guy may get, so I put him here for now.
one of the rosemary plants
Tuesday night Daddy got some basil and some Rosemary from the new plants and used it for dinner. Cost of a package of each - $3. Cost of a plant that regrows, $3.48. Add to the savings that I plan on drying herbs again this year, and I should have my money back in no time.

Thursday, Daddy asked if we had any green onions. The tacos we were cooking didn't need green onions, but we figured why cut a whole one when your green onion sets look like this.
I think the green onions are doing well
Pooka and I went out and gave the plant a hair cut. It looks much nicer now. I left plenty of growth on there for another harvest later. Plus, with all the rain we have had, it will grow back fast.
Post haircut
I even remembered to weigh the harvest. Now to go figure out how much green onions cost at the store so I can start figuring out savings. I am so happy to finally be getting something out of the garden. Especially when lately my entire grocery store runs are just veggies. I really miss being able to just walk outside and grab what I need. Just a bit more and maybe that will change.
Green onions ready for dinner

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