Thursday, June 6, 2013

Spoons turned to art

What was suppose to be a cute garden marker from wooden spoons via Pintrest. The idea seemed solid. Just draw on some wooden spoons, how hard can that be.

Wooden spoons ready to be made into art
It is apparently a lot harder then it looks. In fact, it failed completely and utterly. The paint ran, we had a hard time making them legible, and when you factor in that we were getting them at 4 for less then $1, I was going to need too many of them to really feel it was worth it. So we changed gears a bit.
Good luck reading that
Instead of letting good materials go to waste, I let Pooka decorate them however she wanted. She spent a rainy (and sick Brother) afternoon in the garage painting them. She did have some help, but this is way more Pooka. Once they were dry, a couple of them I took my trusty paint pens to and outlined her designs.
Pooka's markers drying
After a bit of varnish to help seal the paint, we got to put them outside. Pooka wanted to put them in the front beds because since its all herbs, it makes sense to have spoons in it. The peace sign design (and yes I helped here) went next to the rosemary and thyme


She loves her curry plant, seen by the glittery red painted heart.

The suppose to be smiley face thing is next to her purple sage and the oregano got her colored flower.

Flower and smiles
This gave her another way to work on her art. She loved spending time painting and getting to put it in the garden made her even happier. For the garden markers, we have a few other ides, but it may take a bit before we can get them worked out.

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  1. Fun! Way to make a "fail" a success!

  2. Thank you Sarah. They turned out okay for being an big fail in the first place