Wednesday, January 9, 2013

More plantings and surprise

Today Pooka got the last of her flowers planted. I let up on the one toy a day rule since I wanted to get them planted and rolling since who knows how long it will take to get it going. 

More and more flowers
There was a bit of a surprise however. The bulbs had both sprouted. Pooka was very happy once she understood what that meant. However, this also means that I was right to be worrying about things having started to sprout.

I love easy directions. Put disk in the pot, put in 2 cups of water, let sit for 15 minutes, or in our case. Eat some lunch.
Not dirt yet.
Plant your bulb and go. Oops there is the chip in the pot, but it gives it character. The flowers are in, and should be growing soon. Now to hope the new location for the plants is warm enough and gets enough light. That is the key right now. Although this also means Pooka will have to miss the great "Hey look it started" but I am hoping it will give her a faster bloom.
In other surprises, today we noticed a radish in Pooka's root viewer has sprouted. Nothing else has just yet, and sadly, I forgot to get a picture, so you can wait till a few more have sprouted. Pooka has not yet been able to see a root, but I reminded her to be patient and it will happen.

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