Friday, January 18, 2013

The last of the holidays and a happy Pooka

Sunday was our last Holiday party. Pooka's Aunts and Uncles from our chosen family came from all over to see us and each other. This of course makes Pooka more bouncy than ever and with our family comes not just more love, but also the ones who are encouraging *cough feeding cough* the gardening bug that has gotten into a Pooka and is starting to affect me.

These are the people who sent Pooka seeds they didn't need last year that resulted in the herb garden, these are the same people who literally climbed into the garden to help with the last harvest. These are our family, and with them came some swapping and a few new projects and experiments for Pooka.

One of her uncles gifted her with some new houses for Green Thumb and her friends for her birthday. Pooka is excited to get to painting them (more on that later, I forgot pictures of it). Her Aunt Stephie gave her another root viewer. 2 of the same thing for this Pooka, not a huge deal, she is excited since I told her we would find colored carrots to put in it. In fact, she has been hounding me DAILY to go find them.
Not the new one, but it is the exact same.
However, Sunday morning as everyone was getting ready to leave, and Pooka was coming home from a night away, Aunt Stephie came in from her car with her basket of seeds. All the sudden we were doing a seed swap after I grabbed Pooka's basket.

Random seed swap
I gave to Aunt F all of Pooka's Hundreds and Thousands cherry tomato plant seeds (Daddy really didn't want those growing again), as well as giving away some of Pooka's home grown sunflower seeds to both Aunt Stephie and Aunt F. I even gave Aunt Stephie the lettuce seeds that the kids didn't like as well because they were too spicy.

New seeds to try

Even with the seeds I gave away, Pooka came away with new ones. She got some new basil seeds, some poblano seeds for Daddy, as well as a heirloom variety of rainbow cherry tomatoes which made Pooka so happy to have more colors in her garden. Aunt Stephie even gave Pooka some Blue Jade Corn seeds that are suppose to be able to grown in containers and give us nice ears of blue corn, which will make brother super happy too. Pooka is so thankful to have a family that cares about her and that they help her learn new things. 

Sadly, then our family had to return to their homes, most too far away to see more then every few months. But they will come back, and Pooka is so excited to show them real plants, and then when they come back at the end of the summer, they will see how well she has cared for her garden. 

Now I just need to figure out when to start the seeds we got, and where I am going to get new ones. I also need to get the plans figured out for where they are all going to go in the garden. Oh it seems the work is never done some days. 

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