Friday, January 4, 2013

Making dirt and planting

Hello all,

Well, its been a very busy few days here, most of our holidays are over and Pooka and Brother are settling into a nice routine before they head back to school. In fact, Pooka has had some time to get her hands dirty and plant her root viewer and her flower from her Great Aunt.

Root viewer 
Now, I won't go over all the directions on the Root viewer, but it was  a slick set up. The only real downside I can say about it is that you have to mix the dirt and the water (to hydrated the dirt) in a separate container, and then try to scoop the dirt into the viewer. This was not easy, especially for a child to do without making a great mess. In my opinion, it would of been easier to mix the dirt and water in the container, but I didn't write the directions.
Bowl of dirt plus assembled viewer
Once it was full, it was time to plant. The set comes with radish, carrot and onion seeds. We planted 2-3 of each as directed and added a touch more dirt to cover them. Pooka had an easier time getting the seeds covered then I did due to her smaller hands.
Seeds in place

The directions say to leave the green root cover in place unless specifically viewing the roots since the roots will not grow correctly if exposed to light. Pooka had a hard time understanding how she would see them until I removed the cover and replaced it a few times. The cover does have labels on it to show you where to plant each seed which was nice since there isn't much room for markers in the set up. 
Viewer cover in place

Now we wait. The plants that have survived their move inside as well as our root viewer and flower got moved to the window in another room. We hope that they will get enough sunlight here but more importantly they should stay warmer since its no longer in the draft from the door (Since the flower says to keep it very warm). 

Now to await results
The seeds in the root viewer have only been in the dirt since New Years eve, and the flower was put into the dirt the Saturday before. No real growth or sprouts yet, but as we learned last year, wait and give them time. 

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