Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Flower Experiment

If you remember from Pooka's birthday party, we colored some flowers for the big event. Now, I think I bought the wrong kind of flower, since they are taking their sweet time changing. If you are so inclined to do this experiment, I would suggest looking for a different flower (supposedly carnations work well).

We started with store bought white flowers, and I added water to the glasses. Pooka came up with colors for the water. I would place a random numbers of drops of food coloring in the water (I probably should of counted them), and allowed a Pooka to stir the water. Note: when we do this again sometime, make sure Pooka is wearing older clothes and has her sleeves up. She loved having polka dot arms for the next day or so.

Your supplies, flowers, cups of water, food coloring

We made a point to cut the ends of the flowers at a slight angle to help the flowers soak up the water better. For this we used a pair of scissors I didn't care too much about. Once the water was stirred, the flowers went in. I let Pooka choose which flowers went in which cups.

30 hours later
After about 30 hours, we had the flowers you see above. the color is there in some flowers, enough that Pooka and her guests could tell what we were doing, but not all of them were a viberant color.

Flowers 6 days later

As you can see (if you open the picture a bit bigger), after about 6 days we are getting some very nice colors. The blooms that are just opening up already colored. We have some definate darker colors which are making for a nice shading effect,  but it still isn't very vibrant. The things you learn I suppose. Pooka saw that flowers do pull water (and anything else) up through their stems. I learned to research the experiments a bit more before I do them.

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