Thursday, November 1, 2012

Scary things in the garden

Happy Late Halloween/Samhain! I was hoping to get this post up last night, but it didn't happen. Kids and Halloween and blogging don't mix.

Something is in the Garlic bed
There was something scary in the garden. This is the garlic bed that we spooned so we would know where we planted the bulbs.  On Halloween night, I noticed something spooky.

Eyes and spiders and pumpkins. Oh my...
The eyeballs we made out of Styrofoam balls for Brother's Halloween party along with the orange basketball shaped pumpkins. The spiders (bought on clearance) we used as well (we had a game of throw them into a bucket to make monster's stew). This was a great way to get a bit more use out of something that was really a 1 time needed item. But something else was spooky in the garden.

What is in there???
Do you see it yet? It's not the gravestone looking spoons (that are not as straight as they use to be). 

While yes, there are a few weeds in the bed, do you see all the garlic sprouts? Those long straight leaves are Pooka's garlic that in this weird weather sprouted WAY early. The question is, will it live till spring? I don't know, but something tells me I may want to plant more garlic very early this spring. Just as a back up.

We hope you all had a Happy and Safe Halloween/Samhain.

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