Saturday, November 17, 2012

Supporting the plants

I fully admit, this post is a tad overdue. You see almost a month ago now, we tore out the garden. We tore out the cucumbers and the tomatoes and we managed to do most of it in a way where we could see the underlying supports. This was partially done because I wanted to see exactly what was under there. I knew we kept adding supports that went taller and taller, but I was curious.

Alive and happy

This is what the tomatoes looked like on September 3rd. Which is the last good picture I have of them being alive and healthy. As you can see the tomatoes are going everywhere and you cannot see the deck railing behind it. We stopped using the stairs on this end of the deck for awhile since the plants were growing on the stairs. 

The "bones" of the plants
This is a picture of all the poles that were supporting the tomatoes. The tallest verticals were 8 ft tall. We also had 6 ft poles, 4 ft poles and 2 ft poles. How silly were we to only use 2 ft poles. There is all sorts of horizontal that held the tomatoes back (and they they grew over them). On the day we had the big harvest, we realized that the tomato plants grew up and over the top horizontal bar, then all the way back down to the ground. We had poles tied to the front supports and the lattice to keep it from falling forward, as well as a ton of ropes tying it to the deck to hold it as well. 

As a small note, Pooka loved the rainbow that appears in the picture above. She said Green Thumb must of had it put there. 

Tiny little green bean plant
On this day we found the tiny little green bean plant that had been overgrown by the cucumbers and the tomatoes. We never got enough for a meal, but it made enough to snack on. (Sorry for the mess around him,  we were still cleaning out the tomato plants and stuff just kinda fell wherever.  We eventually cleaned it up and raked a bunch back into the dirt. 

Supports for the cucumber plants
Here is all the supports for the cucumbers. If you remember  they grew around the corner of the deck, as well as up the poles, across the ropes and all over the railing. We had so many cucumbers, I would say these did amazingly well, and while Daddy asked that we grow fewer plants next year, hopefully we will have another wonderful year with them.
All the poles used in the cucumbers and tomatoes
Once we tore down all the poles from both sets of structure for the cucumbers and the tomatoes, we put them in piles by size. There were so many, I wish I had counted them, but I forgot. Hopefully next year we have all the poles we will need to build a garden for Pooka. Hopefully. 

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