Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's December

First off, sorry for the bit of a break we took around here. The Thanksgiving holiday had us hopping and then things got a bit  busier at work when the first of December rolled around. Needless to say, things around here are still going, but the science experiments have taken a bit of a back seat to getting ready for the Holidays. Although Pooka said something to me recently while I was at work doing one of the less glamorous jobs. I was scrubbing out the container of preserved specimens and Pooka sat on a chair and watched me and said "Mommy, when I grow up, I want to be a scientist." That little comment made my day.

However, I blinked and it became December. It certainly doesn't feel like it with the temps being in the 60s and lots of sunshine. But that's what the calendar is saying. 

Garlic in DECEMBER?
I think the garlic is as confused as I am. Since the garlic is in the front yard, every time I come home I see the garlic and it just keeps growing. I am seriously doubting it will still be there in the spring. But like everything else this is an experiment and I think I am not the only one having a problem with bulbs I put in the ground being confused due to the weather. Don't you love the penguin Pooka picked out for her garden to make it more festive? 

Well, the garlic and weeds are happy

Also the weeds are only in that bed. If the garlic all dies, then we will just rake the entire bed over and turn it and the mulch that will be going in come spring will help keep them under control. I hope. As of right this second, the bed is pretty badly overgrown.

Broccoli keeps producing
Another confusing point is the Broccoli. It is flourishing in this weather and we are getting enough broccoli off it for about a meal every week to 2 weeks. Multiple times now Daddy and I have talked about it probably being done for the winter, and we should pull it, only to find more florets on it. Now I will admit we have never gotten a good broccoli "head" off it like you find in the grocery store, but we actually seem to prefer it this way since it means we don't have to chop it up before preparing it (which saves time). I think we will definitely be doing broccoli again next spring. But part of that depends on what Pooka wants to grow. 
Fallen but still producing broccoli
As you can see, one of the broccoli plants fell over awhile ago. It is still growing and still producing, but its laying on the ground. It is not the prettiest thing, but its doing what we ask of it, so it lives another day. As with everything around here, things continue to grow. Pooka has a birthday coming, and I may be hard pressed to pull off a scientist gardener party in the middle of winter.We still have a few plants in the house but that is for another day.  


  1. heheheh I cant wait to bring her birthday gift up :D Perfect for garden science. Also, in winter you can "force" bulbs to grown/bloom indoors.

  2. We are so looking forward to seeing you. We miss you terribly. Pooka got her first seed catalog. May I just say I am having a really hard time getting it from her. Although I have seen a few seeds that may become birthday presents.