Sunday, June 29, 2014

New home for Caroline

I have been saying this needed done since last year. Caroline the lime tree was basically in pot from the store for over a year. It was a good sturdy pot but I kept saying "we need to get a real pot for Caroline." I swore I had one so I didn't want to buy one. I just needed to make time for it.

Well, then one day Pooka and I went looking for the mysterious pot and could not for the life of us find it. We went through everything and Pooka wondered if Daddy was hiding it. (This is her answer anytime she can't find something, someone is hiding it.)

Then months ago we were at a different home improvement store looking for something. I found this pot, and no it wasn't on sale or clearance, but I had that moment of clarity that says "Hey, you need this for that."  I asked Pooka which one she liked and she said a green one. Pooka carried the pot up to the counter and we finally had a pot. Perfect, I thought, we can transplant Caroline the lime tree this week.

This week, turned into this month. This month turned into 2 months. Finally, I was potting things up in the yard almost 3 months after I got the pot. The pot had sat in the garage, waiting on me. I almost forgot again, but I looked over and remembered right as I was cleaning up. I told Pooka to get the pot.

So we potted Caroline into a new home. I swear somewhere I have pictures of all this. She was rather root bound, but in decent condition otherwise. There was a moment while Pooka tucked the dirt around her in the new pot you could almost here her say "AAAAAAHHHHH"

Caroline the lime tree in her new pot. 
However it has taken me a few weeks to get this post up. Timing is not my friend this year, but I am hoping that now we can start to play catch up and get back on track. In the meantime, Caroline has budded out with more limes. Here is to hoping we get some decent sized ones. I would love to say we are getting limes now.

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