Friday, June 20, 2014

Replacing a raspberry

On a quick side note, I know things have been quiet this week, but Daddy and I got into a rather involved project and have been a bit busy. Hopefully things should be getting back to normal, a ton has been going on here in the garden that I need to catch you all up on.

To be perfectly honest, I don't know what happened. Sometimes things just don't want to survive, and I think this was one of of those times. Pooka bought some raspberries with her birthday money this year. They both seemed to do well, until suddenly one of them kept having it's leaves wither and die. Then it would grow a new set, and they did the same thing. After a few weeks of this, it stopped making leaves at all. I think it just decided the world was too hard and gave up. 
Pooka was understandably upset. She had visions of all these raspberries and they failed. She knows of the circle of life, and that sometimes plants die, but Mommy was nice. I talked to Daddy and we went to the store. They still had a few plants and while they weren't on clearance yet, the number of good looking raspberries was few. We replaced her dead one with a new one, that she came home and potted that day. We still haven't gotten the pot back to where it belongs, but we are working on it. At least its green and not a stick. But I doubt we see any berries out of it this year. Now to figure out how to overwinter these suckers so I am not replacing them next year.

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