Sunday, June 1, 2014

Strawberries are finally planted

I fear I am falling behind on updating you all on what is going on. Such is life and I am quickly catching up I hope. The strawberries are finally planted and have been that way for a couple of weeks now. Getting them all in the hanging planter from Aunt B was a bit harder than I thought, and I was trying to be careful with the plants themselves. Since it took all my and pooka's hands to get it set up, the only picture I have is of the finished product. We will see how the summer goes and come fall I will decide what to with them. I worry if we have another bad winter all 9 plants will die. 
Strawberry hanging planter
It took some time to decide where to hang it. The pots have strawberries in them as well which I know will do well. Pooka is already looking forward to those first berries. I know Brother is as well. I am just happy to be able to say one thing is completely done.
Strawberries on the deck

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