Saturday, May 31, 2014

Let us try this again, shall we?

Sad little mint plant
After this winter that seemed to kill just about everything, the mint did not come back. I am not entirely shocked here, I mean it was in a small pot and not the ground, but it means we are yet again redoing the living chair.
healthy new peppermint plant
 This time we used Peppermint for two reasons. The first being we never did much with the chocolate mint besides Pooka and her friend K going through and eating a leaf here or there to get rid of chive breath after playing in the herb bed. The second reason is peppermint is in a tea blend a girlfriend makes for me to help me sleep, and this is one more ingredient I can grow at home and dry. Pooka loved getting to plant the new plant.
The chair has moved
We did move the chair from one side of the front porch to another. This spot will be a tad bit shadier (so we are less likely to kill said plant) and it makes it much easier to water the mint. Now when the kids bring home water in their water bottles from school, I send them out to water the mint or the garden. Hopefully this will help keep the mint plant alive as well.

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