Thursday, May 1, 2014

Making good on a promise

A few weeks ago, Pooka and I had a girls weekend. The boys were gone, so we decided to start work on her birthday pollinator bed. Daddy and I had already marked out where we wanted it to go, but we needed to pull the grass off the new area first. We even had bought our first plants for the bed, so it was time to get started.

Now, I had hoped this would be a quick little project. However, I could only find a shovel that was pretty well bent after trying to remove the bushes that were originally in the herb garden. Those bushes would not die.
With the bent shovel
As you can see, it was really only good for cutting the grass. But I could not seem to just shovel off the grass like Daddy does. It was getting rather late, so Pooka and I called it for the evening and decided to regroup and rethink it for the following day. 
The next day, Pooka and I sat down and decided this was getting done today, one way or another. And since I still couldn't find the good shovel (Daddy had hidden it), Pooka and I used what was on hand, my little gardening trowel. It is not the best tool for the job, and took quite a bit of work, but we sat there for awhile and got it done. I would use the trowel to pull up the grass and Pooka put it in her wheelbarrow to go to the street. In the end, it looks pretty good. I know there are a few random pieces of grass in there, but it is started.

The first plant in her bed
This allowed Pooka to finally start planting in it. She started with her butterfly bush that she bought with her own money. She has planted more, but that was the limit for that day. Even Pooka was tired of staring at the bed and wanted to go get some other stuff done. 

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