Friday, May 16, 2014

And the Herb bed explodes

Even before this week of rain, the herb garden had exploded. Apparently having been in the ground all winter did not stunt their growth at all. The garlic has gotten super tall. I am already waiting and hoping on all that fresh garlic. Daddy even asked if we could find a few cloves to try canning with some hot peppers. I am sure I can find you a bulb or two dear. 

Garlic is doing well.
In the herb bed, there are plenty of plants that have enjoyed this spring as well. The tarragon especially jumps at you in this picture. I am going to have to start drying and using it. The thyme plants have all come back fairly quickly as well. Pooka's purple sage has come back a bit more green than last year, but I am wondering if that will change through the summer. 
A portion of the herb bed
There is much more growth further down the bed, but I forgot to take pictures. The one thing that doesn't seem to be doing well is one of my lilacs, but I was worried it may not come back in the first place. I am hoping to get out there in the next day or so and get a good count of whats out there and hopefully hit the nursery with Pooka and get the remaining herbs so we can get them in and going. After that, it is all harvest with a bit of weeding.

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