Friday, May 30, 2014

Getting carrots going and Audrey

One evening after school, Pooka and I decide to run outside between storms and plant some overdue seeds. We fully admit we are behind on the garden this year with school and me working so much, but it was nice to know a few more things are started. Our goal this evening was to get Pooka's carrots started and Audrey the morning glory. 
Pooka and I ran out and put some seeds in the pot for Audrey and I promised to pull out her trellis soon, probably after they had sprouted. Personally, I hate morning glories, but they were a favorite of Pooka's Gremo so we decided to plant another one for her. This way we have something that would make her smile so we can smile when we see it. 

awaiting Audrey now
The carrots went into their square boxes. Pooka and I just sprinkled seeds this time since we were in a rush and I didn't have any tape made. Hopefully we will still get a good crop. I doubt Pooka will be able to take any before school lets out, but she can probably take them in the fall in her lunch. Pooka loves confusing her friends with her different colored foods.
Pooka's picture of her carrots seeds planted

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