Monday, May 12, 2014

Humming bird planter

It sometimes amazes me what it takes to make a Pooka happy. Some days it is little things, like her being able to squish me to wake me up. Other days it is getting sit and color with a friend. Yesterday it was putting together her humming bird planter.
Humming bird planter
In order to do this, I will admit it required a trip to the nursery. Pooka and I dashed over one day while the boys held the fort down. I don't think the Easter Bunny read that there were no plants included. Pooka looked all over that nursery about 6 times looking for the perfect plants to attract humming birds. In the end, this is what she chose. 
Pooka's flowers
Now, I would love to say I have plenty of pictures showing the whole process of getting this thing together. But I don't since the assembly and installation took 2 parents and a Pooka. Especially since you have to put the one in that hangs out the bottom first and then can't put it down. 
Blackberry punch
This is the one Pooka loved since it was purple and black (It is more purple, Pooka's picture makes it look a but pink). It is called Superbells Blackberry punch Calibrachoa. I know nothing about it besides it is an annual and attracts hummingbirds.
Purple flowers
 The purple (again, Pooka's picture looks more blue) flower is a petunia I think. I didn't write it down. She loved the purple color and decided it would look lovely in her planter.

After much struggling and helping we got it set up. From this angle you can't really see the flowers out the bottom, but this is not where they will live all summer. Daddy was wonderful and gave Pooka a hook in the back deck by the sliding door. This way we can see the hummingbirds when they stop by. Now to hope this attracts some new pollinators to the yard. Pooka said something about having a Hummingbird Army of Doom to go with the Butterfly Army of Doom. I know I should wonder, but it is keeping her out of trouble for now.

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