Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Easter Bunny strikes again.

Easter bunny came again this year. He seems to know he is the only time Pooka gets much over the warmer months and wanted to make sure she had some things for her garden. He brought her a hanging humming bird planter and some new flower seeds for her garden. She got Poppy flowers that do produce the poppy seeds for baking, as well as a butterfly flower and a fairy bouquet set of seeds. She is thrilled and is waiting for us to finish a few things in her flower bed so she can get them planted.
Pooka presents from the Easter Bunny
The Easter Bunny also leaves us a note each year to tell us how many eggs the kids need to find. This year his note also told the kids he just had to have a nibble of Pooka's herb garden. He said it was just so tasty looking, he wanted to try it and he hoped Pooka didn't mind. Pooka only comment was to wonder if he had tried the chives or if it was the tarragon he ate off of. At least she is willing to share.  Now to find some flowers for that planter, I guess Pooka gets another trip to the nursery.

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