Thursday, April 10, 2014


When my Grandmother died, I knew the kids would not be able to go to the funeral. My family doesn't do "funerals" in a way most people do them, and I didn't want them to have those memories of their Great Grandmother. Especially since we had hidden her cancer from them. I wanted to find another way for them to remember her. Pooka asked for one of Great Grandma's rosebushes.  So Aunt S helped us come and transplant the rosebush.

The rose bush when we took it out of the ground
However, our rose bush did not have a very large root system due to where it was planted so we overwintered it in the garage while it was dormant and hoped we could keep it alive. Finally the time came to try and find a place in the yard for it. I wanted somewhere we could see it, where it would hopefully do well and give the kids a place to remember her. 

This little spot by the garage looked perfect. It was a bit small, but the concrete only goes down 2 inches or so, and eventually we will take the concrete out.  Daddy dug a hole on Sunday to put the rosebush in. I wanted to get it in the ground before the plant tried to wake up.
To Great Grandma From Pooka. 
Pooka wrote a letter to Great Grandma after she died. She wanted to put it in the hole with the rosebush to send her thoughts to Great Grandma. I told her it would be perfect. Brother was given the same option, but he didn't want to
We love you Grandma
Then we placed her rosebush in the ground. I am hoping it will survive, but I don't know for sure. I know the root is very small for that sized plant, but its standing on its own, the plant springs back when bent (doesn't break) so I am hoping maybe Great Grandma is keeping it alive for the kids. We have been using rooting compound on it to hopefully get the roots to grow. We made a special sign for the rosebush, but I am not going to show that here. Now to wait and see if it lives. I am just hoping the kids can find some peace in this little bush.

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