Monday, April 21, 2014

Planning for spring

A couple of weeks ago, Daddy and I marked out the last of the new garden beds. This will probably be the last time the garden expands due to lack of space. However, it should give us enough room to rotate the tomatoes for 3 years. 
The last of the veggie beds.
First we marked out the new veggie bed in the back. This is on the far side of the deck and we will need to move the pots. No I don't know where they are going yet. However, it will be a nice new bed once its done. We also plan to clean out under the deck a bit, especially since we promised to rebuild the swing set that has parts under there. The old swing set was no longer safe.
Pooka's new bed
Then Pooka helped mark out the spot for her new pollinator bed. She is so excited and ready to get to work. We are using the fence from the neighbors with their permission since they have a flower bed on the other side. They really loved the idea of not having to weed this side. Before you know it, she will have plants in that bed and ready to roll. This is her little place where I will not make too many faces over the flowers. However, I will not be working on it too much either besides occasional weeding.

Now to get them all dug up and start planting.

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