Friday, April 18, 2014

Having a Girls shopping trip

The nursery that Pooka loves was having an open house, so Pooka asked if she could take her money from Santa and from her piggy bank to buy some plants. Plus she was planning out what she wants for her new pollinator bed.

Pooka had a wonderful time. Not only did the regular employees welcome her with open arms, a few of the more seasonal help found out not all small kids need talked down to. One such employee was trying to tell Pooka the difference between "plants that live one year vs. plants that live multiple years." I love Pooka, but she came back with "I know what a perennial is, I was wondering which ones were good for humming birds." Now to teach my daughter tact.

Stargazer and Hardy lily bulbs
Pooka eventually found her humming bird and butterfly plants. She even walked away with some money, but I held her back from going full out. I also bought her a few things for her new bed since we did promise to buy some flowers. I can't say I didn't make a face or two. I bought her two types of lilies. A purple lily and a stargazer. Pooka wanted a stargazer for me since mine had died. I told her it was her bed and she could have what she wanted. She came back with "I want you to have a stargazer."
Salvia plant
Pooka also got me to buy her this salvia. It should come back year after year. Hopefully Pooka will still like it next year.
Main haul
This is a picture of the main haul that Pooka paid for. It includes a new lavender (since ours are looking pretty sad), another 4 pack of strawberries, a lilac pepper and the new butterfly bush. The butterfly bush I am wishing I had looked at a bit closer. It was so small and unassuming. Had I read the tag, I would of seen its going to get 4 ft by like 4 ft. Yikes. I knew it was a perennial since Pooka only wanted to look at those (granted that doesn't count the purple pepper). Chalk this up to another learning moment for mom. I guess it goes to show, you can't judge a plant based on the pot they sell it in.

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