Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Signs of life in the garden

We are starting to get a feel of what may come back in the garden. Not everything in the garden seems to have survived our extremely cold winter this year, but strangely, some things I had no nope for coming back are. I am just happy we are not replanting the entire bed. The chives were the first to pop up and say Hi to us.
The chives appeared
I know that this parsley seems to have reseeded itself. I am completely okay with that. In fact, I am looking for a second place to plant some more seeds.
Parsley popping up
 The thyme even started to green up, and has since taken off. Looks like we will have plenty of thyme.
Thyme greening
Our friend tarragon has also appeared and once it broke the mulch has gotten huge. I honestly thought this guy was an annual, but I won't turn him away. He has gotten so big, we have started harvesting him already.
Tarragon pops up
We have had more herbs pop up. The lemon balm that became so important to me has greened up and is looking good. Pooka's black eye susan has finally topped the mulch. I may have one lavender that will regrow, but it is fighting to see if it will. I am hoping if I can run out in between rain storms the next day or so to get a good inventory of what is out there and what I may of replaced already. Sadly our beloved Rosemary has not come back. Which is slighly weird to me since I thought they were perennial. In fact, I have seen them survive the winter in a small pot before. Oh well, I will just have to try harder to find ones that will handle the cold a bit better. I am just happy we will not have to replace the whole bed. Pooka is already out there daily "sampling" her garden and sharing it with her friends and getting them to try new things. That makes it worth it.

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