Thursday, May 15, 2014

3 little blueberry bushes all in a row.

One bush is ready to go, it has leaves and flowers. I am glad at least it survived the winter with little issue. the problem is I have one that is very very slow to wake up (it is finally budding but taking its time) and the last well, I think it died. I can't be sure, but it doesn't seem to be doing much.
3 Little blueberries
This is the bush I think is waking up slowly. If you can get close enough, there is a bit of green sticking out the ends. It still springs back when you pull on it and I just keep hoping it will wake up. 
May still wake up, it has green in the buds
This is the bush that may have died. It had little buds on it, but they don't seem to be doing well. I am really afraid it didn't like the polar vortex. Daddy and I have talked of replacing it, but we keep hoping the blueberry plants will go on clearance first.
I think it may be dead

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