Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rosebush, oh rose bush

Rosebush, oh rosebush? How I fear I knew it well...

I went out to check on the rosebush the other day. I have been feeding it a steady diet of rooting compound. I have staked it up so it won't fall over in the strong winds. It went into the ground a dormant gray/green. At this stage I had hope for it. I thought maybe, just maybe we had this thing figured out. 
Rosebush when we planted it
Then life happened. The rose bush went from that green color to a yellow/dried color over just a few days. I think it woke up from its dormant period only to realize its roots were missing. I still have the rose bush in the yard, and I am continuing to water it, but I fear that this may be a sign. That maybe the rosebush just didn't want to be moved, that it wanted to stay Grandma's instead of coming here. I am going to give it a bit longer. Hope maybe just maybe a leaf will sprout and I will be able to cut it back to only the green branches. 
Rosebush now
The hens and chicks or stars however, have taken off. They seem to love their new home and maybe Daddy will finally find something to kill take over that very narrow planting bed besides weeds.
The stars seem to like it. 

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