Saturday, May 24, 2014

One project done

It is official. We finished the pollinator bed. On Mother's day, Pooka, Daddy and I decided to get her pollinator bed finished up. We got her mulch and we let her just sprinkle her seeds on it wherever she wanted. I did tell her which seeds would be taller and which would be shorter so she may want those towards the front.
Seeds anyone
These are all the seeds that went into her flower bed. There are the seeds from her Great Aunt as well as the seeds the Easter Bunny left and some Pooka spent her christmas money on.  I even put some money to the cause. She was having a blast getting to just throw seeds down. Now in years to come we may be a bit more selective, but this being our first year and being a bit rushed, this is what we did. 
putting mulch out
After all the seeds were down, Daddy helped bring the mulch we bought over and literally pour it on the bed. Then Pooka and I got it spread out. We did have to be careful of the plants that were already growing, but Pooka loved "tucking in" her plants. 
All done
Once we were all done, Pooka and I put up a little white fence around the bed. I know that there tend to be kids running around our yard and I would hate for one of them to run through the front bed. This is just a slight reminder to please not walk her. Hopefully in a few weeks there will be plants everywhere and they won't need the reminder. In this last picture you can also see the tree we cut down. This allow a bit more light the area and frankly, I hated that tree so I was happy to see it go. Now Pooka just needs to sit and wait and see. 

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