Saturday, January 25, 2014

What does it take to make a Pooka happy?

Pooka is very much like other children right now who are very confused. School keeps being cancelled for cold, but it looks nice out and she wants to do things outside. I know she is tired of hearing me tell her to put on another layer. She looked at me the other day and said "Mommy, I want spring." You are not the only one child. I am tired of having to figuring out if what we have planned is going to happen or if it is cancelled.

So imagine how excited she was after yet ANOTHER cancelled day of school when I came in with the mail that contained a package for her and more seed catalogs. She dove for the catalogs until she realized the package had her name on it.
Pooka restarts more lists of more "Can we Momma?"
Pooka read her name and address off the package, then I helped her read who it was from, which was her great Aunt and Uncle. Pooka tore into the package and the look on her little face. She was so excited. She pulled out this metal tin which she flipped over to see it contained flower seeds.  I helped her read the types and she asked if we really could plant the flowers, even if we can't eat them. Little did she know that I already had a plan there. I will admit, not being a flower person, I didn't know what a cosmo or a larkspur is, and I think I have heard of verbena before, so we had to look up some pictures of it.

The package also contained a gardening calendar that Pooka made a point to sit down and read front to back. She wants to hang it in her bedroom, but people were coming, so we put it on the back of the front door with a magnet for now, and Pooka loves looking at its pretty pictures and I read her little facts off it.  

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