Thursday, January 16, 2014

Paperwhite things...

A few days after Christmas, Pooka and I were at Target and we found these paperwhite bulbs on clearance for 75% off. Seeing as Pooka's birthday had just passed, we grabbed it so she could have some sort of plant in the house.

Sadly, I don't have any pictures since this was during the stint where I left the camera at Grandma's house, but Pooka was so happy to rehydrate the dirt and plant all these little bulbs. She just kept telling me "I am finally getting dirty. I am a happy girl. Spring needs to come soon. "

Pooka's Paperwhites. 
My poor girl was born in the wrong season. She loves spring and summer and planting and getting dirty for her birthday. Simple things make her happy.

She has been watching the progress of the flowers carefully and this is what they look like today. Now if I can remember to bring in Pooka's amaryllis from last year we will see if we can regrow them. At the end of the summer, we cut the plants back to the bulb. Hopefully they will work when I bring them in the house soon. But thats a job for another day. Until then Pooka is happy with the plant she has.

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