Friday, January 17, 2014

A nice night in

The other night, Daddy and Brother had a guy thing to go to. We could of gone, but decided to let them have their moment. Instead, Pooka and I had a girls night. What does that entail you ask? The same thing every girls night entails, sorting the seeds.
Time to sort seeds. 
Wait, you mean not everyone sorts seeds and looks through seed catalogs on girls night. As Pooka would say "Awkward." (it is her new favorite word).
WE have new catalogs,but I figured the old ones work just as well. 
Anyway, Pooka and I sat down with our list and checked to see what we still had and what we needed. We are in pretty good shape, and with what Santa brought a Pooka, I am hoping we won't need to buy much more. Although Pooka had already started a list of things she wants to grow. And no, I didn't help her write all these words. She did it totally on her own, including the Alpine Strawberries.
The beginnings of a list of plants by Pooka . 
Then again, Pooka got a gift certificate in her stocking to her favorite nursery, so I may not have much of a say in the matter.

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