Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow Day and Flowers

Today we woke up to a 4:45 AM phone call from the school saying yet again it was too cold and nasty to send the kids to school. No problem, I could use a snow day. And Pooka and Brother were happy with it too. Granted it is too cold to play outside, but kids always find something to do. I think Pooka is planning to make plans for the garden.
Signs of life when it is just too cold.
In all the cold and the snow, Pooka was so happy to see a small sign of spring. Her paperwhite bulbs had finally flowered and the front room smelled wonderful. Pooka was so happy to see signs of life when the outside world is frozen over. Although it has made Pooka more in interested than ever in what she wants to grow for spring. Good thing a couple of new seed catalogs came in the mail and have her complete attention. 

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