Monday, May 19, 2014

More free plants

The other evening I was outside planting the broccoli. Pooka was inside finishing dinner before she could come help. Our neighbor was grilling and said "Hey, do you want some lettuce?"

Free lettuce
This is not a normal conversation around here. I got up and went to talk to him. Turns out he needed dirt for something, but overbought. A friend of his told him to turn it into a garden, so he did with the help of his kids. However, he then overbought lettuce plants and didn't know what in the heck to do with them. He had already asked another neighbor of ours who gardens and they didn't need it. So he figured Pooka may want it. I told him if he really didn't want it, we could put it to good use. He gave us 8 purple lettuce types and 4 bib lettuce. He didn't know what they were called aside from lettuce.

Pooka came outside after he went back to his dinner and I was finishing the broccoli and got SO excited for purple lettuce. She pulled a leaf off right there to try it. Pooka loves colorful plants.

After I get some tomatoes in the ground, I may see if he wants one. I am sure I have one I can spare.

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