Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Pooka's gift to Grandma's

I can never decide if Pooka honestly thinks everyone wants plants for gifts, or it is part of her little master plan to take over the world. One thing she asked was if she could plant some flowers for her grandmothers.

3 pots for 3 Grandmas
We planted 3 pots of gladiolas bulbs in some pots. She picked out the pots and the bulbs. I just paid for them. I guess in a way it saves me having to buy preplanted flowers.
The bulb packet after planting.
Then we brought the supplies home and planted the bulbs and waited. The bulbs came in a package of 15, and didn't think the Grandmas wanted that many flowers, (especially for the pots she had picked) I did let her put the extras in her pollinator bed. Now Pooka has the same flowers as her Grandmas.
Flowers and tomatoes
Since we did this over a month ago, we fortunately had some fairly good growth by the time Mother's day arrived. I will say one went to a Grandma weeks ago, and didn't look as nice as these. Fortunatly, Grandma's are understanding people. Add a couple of tomato plants that were started extra for the Grandma's (since 2 love tomatoes and ask for the plant) and Mother's day is handled with little stress and I can take a bit of time off that morning instead of worrying about wrapping things. Pooka gets to be all excited to share plants with her grandmas and then she will probably help them take care of it over the summer.

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