Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Strawberries Everywhere

Well, I wish I could say I had strawberry fruits everywhere, but I do have strawberry plants everywhere. They have accumulated in stages, so I didn't realize how many where here until the other day. At first we bought a few plants to fill a strawberry hanging planter that Aunt B gave Pooka. Pooka loved it even if we have to make sure to hang it low enough so she can reach the berries. 
The first 4 berry plants
 Then on our shopping trip, Pooka bought herself another 3 little strawberry plants. She was in love with them and since it was her money, I didn't really feel the need to stop her. At least it was something we could make use of.
Pooka's haul from the shopping trip
Then one day, Pooka and I were at the home improvement store, and we saw a strawberry plant with RED flowers instead of white. Well, you know Pooka and color. She loved the idea of different colored flowers. So I talked to Daddy and we decided to buy her one.  
This is a bad picture, they are closer to red then pink
Now, I will admit I didn't realize what I had gotten myself into. We assumed something, and well it came back to bite me. What I didn't know when I went to pick them up was that I couldn't buy just 1. All I needed was one. These strawberries only come in a 6 pack. Sadly, we were in a rush, and I had promised, so we bought a set. 
A few days later, I declared all the previous strawberries dead. They did not handle the winter well and frankly, there was not a single sign of life. Signs that should of been there. I guess it is a good thing we replaced them now, but I will say having all these little strawberry plants floating around is making me nuts. They are already starting to produce and really need established into pots. I guess I know what I should be doing this week. Pooka is just ready to play in the dirt and she is really excited to see if the red flowered ones taste like regular strawberries. She went around the garden yesterday saying "Produce Strawberries. I am hungry and I want fresh fruit." She then proceeded to remind the raspberry and blueberry bushes to get to work as well. I think she is either hungry or excited. I can't tell which.

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