Monday, March 24, 2014

Lemons and more lemons

On quick glance at the lemon tree shows some signs of life. Enough signs in fact that I am hoping soon I can take the lemon tree outside during the day. I do worry the tree itself is not doing its best in here, but if it can hold on a few more weeks, we may just get it to perk back up outside.
Cave the Lemon tree looking a bit beat up after winter
The other day I noticed some small lemons on the lemon tree, well those lemons have gotten bigger and bigger. They have grown quickly and seem to be doing quite well. Even if I feel as if I am deflowering that tree almost daily.
I see lemons
I am hoping with a bit of luck, these lemons will grow larger and turn yellow before it takes 6 months. If not, well, I will be happy with whatever we get and maybe I will finally get around to re potting the lime tree. Maybe. 
Pooka's lemon tree sits on her desk next to her art supplies.

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