Tuesday, March 4, 2014


We have sprouts. Pooka was so excited.She told me Rosebud, (Green Thumb's friend) was working really hard since Green Thumb was still in Hawaii for training. Some of these seeds have been in the dirt for less then a week, but they are growing quite well. I will say this year we broke down and got some seed warming mats since we do tend to keep the air temperature a bit cold for them. It looks like the seed mats were a good investment.

So far, I know the leeks and the snapdragons, tomatoes and broccoli have started, and I am sure more have started since this picture. The pepper plants which I always seem to struggle with are starting to show a bit of green. We turned the seed trays after this picture so they would start growing the other way. To be completely honest, I need to get in there and see exactly what is growing and make a note of it for next time. 

There may be more cold and snow in the forecast (and it is official, this is the snowiest winter we have ever had), but it looks like spring is starting in the house. Lets just hope it warms up enough to take things outside a bit during the day once we transplant into pots. 

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