Monday, March 3, 2014

Oh winter

We got lucky over the weekend. We were suppose to be hit by yet another winter storm over the weekend. 8-10 inches of snow, bitter cold temps, ice, basically what has been usual this winter. The storm tracked further south, leaving us with about 3 inches or so, some cold weather and a bit of ice.
The Garlic bed this morning. 
I think everyone is happy the storm missed us, Pooka included. However, I kinda wanted another snow day. Pooka has been fighting a cold, and while I think she is okay to go back to school, another day home would not of hurt.

So we are happy the worst missed us, but the idea of one more day in our PJs staying home to do stuff doesn't sound too bad either. Mostly, we just want winter to go home now, and Green Thumb to come back with the baby fairies from Hawaii. Apparently that is where fairies go for training in the cold months. Lucky fairies.

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