Friday, March 21, 2014

The herb bed right now

What the herb bed looks like right before the sudden snow storm. Since I did NOTHING to put it to bed, I am not terribly surprised that is is not looking its best. I am giving the herbs their time to see if they will come back. We have had very little the way of warm days, and since it was such a severe winter, and this side of the house only gets morning sun, I am hoping in a few days something may come back.
 I know we lost a couple rosemary bushes that have lost almost all their needles while they turn brown. And the curry of all things seems to be doing okay as well as the bay. But I know eventually its going to need cleaned out and that will take most of a day.

The garlic beds looks just as dormant, but Pooka has seen a few tender shoots come up. Soon we will hopefully have our garlic for the year poking out everywhere, and things will start to look alive once more. I think seeing these two beds turn green will finally make spring real for us, so long as we stop getting snow. Which sadly is in the forecast for next week. Winter Let US GO. 

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