Thursday, March 27, 2014

The lilac lives

After everything that happened last year, I was looking forward to having lilacs this year. They may not bloom, but knowing they were alive was a huge thing. Especially knowing they came from my grandmothers house, and always lined one side of it. 
The little lilac is alive
 The story my Grandmother told me was that years and years ago, my grandfather was walking to work. He saw these beautiful lilac trees and thought my grandmother would love them. Not having any real spare money for things like plants, my grandfather went to work, came home, got a shovel, a trash bag and walked back to the lilacs in question. Where he proceeded to dig up a couple without asking the owners. Now he did not take the mature ones, but rather a handful of little ones that were hidden a the bottom of the mature ones, much like the one in the pot here. He came home and presented them to my grandmother, an avid gardener, and together they decided to plan them all along one side of the house in front of windows so they could see and smell the blooms. Now that both my grandparents are gone, having their lilacs (or at least their lilac's children) makes me feel slightly closer. It has almost become tradition for our family to go over and dig up a couple. Maybe if I can get the little lilac in the pot and the bigger lilac out front established, Pooka can one day come over and steal the lilacs for her own yard. Now to wait and watch and see if the one out front starts to bud like this guy. 

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