Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dear Teacher

Dear Pooka's Substitute teacher.
I know you don't know Pooka as well as some of the other teachers, but you simplified things a bit too well. You see, she came home and said "Mommy, I had to do this assignment. I told the teacher we were missing steps, but they didn't believe me." 

The short version
When you ask a Pooka to plant a seed, she will start with a seed starter, then plant it into a pot, then put it in the ground. However, at least she got to draw and write about gardening at school.  I am sure that helped

How to plant a seed part 2
Even if Pooka was a bit bored that day, she still told me she had fun explaining to her friends while they worked the correct way. At least the other kids expect as much from a Pooka and just let her roll with it. My only hope is that she didn't give you too much argument. Just don't try to teach her the steps of canning next.
Pooka's Mom
How to plant a seed part 3

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