Sunday, February 8, 2015

New Growth

Some days, you have to look for the little signs of spring. Especially on a very cold night in the middle of winter. And sometimes, it just jumps at you.
Caroline and Cave
 On that cold night, I saw a little sign of spring. Caroline the lime tree had some new growth on a branch.
That looks like new leaves
 Further inspection showed some flower buds and more new growth to go with it.
That is new leaves and a flower
In another section of the tree, you could see the flower buds and new growth right next to the ripening limes. Caroline might as well been jumping up and down saying "Spring, spring, I want spring."
We have flowers, fruit and new growth
Pooka took this as proof that Caroline liked being on Brother's desk, even if Brother wasn't too fond of the idea. I wish our lemon tree, Cave, would show some spring like moments, but I think he is just not as happy with the lack of sun. Then again, we did get some fruit tree fertilizer (organic of course) to put on both of them, so hopefully that will help as well.
Spring is coming, according to Caroline.
All in all, I think this shows that spring is coming. I am with Caroline, I want spring too. 

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