Monday, February 23, 2015


Yesterday, we were sitting in the same room as the lime tree, and I asked Daddy to see what was going on with a lime. From where I was, it looked wrong. Apparently it had split in half, something I didn't know limes would do. I knew it was getting a tad ripe, but splitting was new. 
Pooka saw the lime and decided it was a mouth and it wanted to talk to us. Daddy was convinced that it meant the lime tree was trying to say "feed me" which is his cue to get flamethrower (but aim it away from the house). Pooka refuses this theory and asked if she could put eyes on it.
I can see the mouth bit, but lets hope Caroline hasn't gotten that vocal yet. Let's all hope she doesn't get any ideas about trying to run the place. We may have to rename her GLaDOS if that is the case.

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