Monday, February 2, 2015

Winter Blahs

Well, it seems as if winter decided to remind us that he is still out there. We got a nice little snow storm yesterday, and today the schools are running one hour behind. If you look out into the garden, all you see is white.
It is snowing
I will honestly admit, we miss the garden right now. It is not just buying tomatoes and cucumbers (which in and of itself is hard) but its the ability to walk outside and see what is going on. Pooka asked when we could start seeds, I told her soon, but we could start some of her Christmas gifts, and that seemed to help. Meanwhile, we wait for winter to cut us a break. I will say this year has not been as bad as last, but the lack of sun and of being able to walk outside is taking a tole on all of us. Especially Pooka who doesn't do well in the cold, so she is inside more than most.
Everything is waiting on spring

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