Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Moving Cave

Since we fertilized our little trees, Cave the lemon tree has been doing a bit better but I may have over fertilized him. I also realized that he may of just been outgrowing his pot. On Sunday we took a few minutes to try moving him to a larger pot.
Before the move
We found this pot at one of the local home improvement stores. It was rather hard to find a place that had pots inside at this time of year, but we were hoping it was bigger than his current pot. It is definitely deeper and just slightly wider.
Awaiting Cave
There are no during pictures of the move since I was basically holding him still. He was not as root bound as I was afraid of, but I am sure potting him up after almost 2 years in the same pot was not a bad idea. During the move I notice he had some new flowers as well.  I also learned that I really should wait till I can do these things outside since it did make a bit of a mess.
 Here is Cave in his new home. He seems to look like he fits better. However, I will admit we used ice to water him slowly over the period of  12 hours. This allowed it all to "sink in" without drowning him. I am only hoping he didn't get too cold in those 12 hours. Now to just get him to hold on until the spring when he can start getting some real sunlight daily. I know that is most of what he needs.
all settled in

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