Monday, March 16, 2015

Plans... making plans

We all remember the side bed, the bed that has contained only sunflowers for years and that was mostly due to the fact they kept the weeds down. It was not the prettiest angle of the house, but we have realized that we need a tad bit more garden space. Since the garlic took up a bit more space than usual this year, we need to utilize this bed for either basil or hot peppers. However, the rocks and the weeds would be an issue, and really the border bricks were falling into the dirt so they were not as noticeable.
Daddy and I talked, and we talked some more. Now it looks like this spring (hopefully) we will be redoing this bed to match the same brick work as the front of the house. We will put in multiple rows of brick and add some fill dirt (and cardboard) to smother the weeds while making a nice new bed. We will still have to be careful what we plant here due to the utility equipment, but it will give us just a bit more room and since this is the sunniest side of the house, whatever we put here has to be able to handle full sun. Now to see if we get it done. Cross your fingers we have time for it.
We started planning. 

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