Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Starting Pooka's dragon

The time had come. Pooka wanted to start growing her dragon from Aunt B. It was a simple enough kit. Pooka opened the cardboard part on her way to bring it to me. Pooka said she hopes it grows a live dragon and I told hit wasn't very likely. But I suppose if we believe in fairies, one must believe in dragons. I just looked at the "pot" and thought it looked like a take out container from a restaurant. Pooka has since been calling it her "takeout container dragon"
The purple dragon 
I will say I had a bit of a time finding the directions, but once I actually looked at the inside of the package I felt dumb.
The kit came with this little card and sticker. The card gave some fun facts about the "dragon" and how tall to expect it. I let Pooka put the sticker on her sticker shelf in her room. It is an old bookcase we don't care much about, so I don't care if she covers it in stickers.
extra bits
The kit was fairly straight forward. They were the standard water the pellet then plant the seeds. The seeds themselves have gone on the top of the dirt and are under our grow light to help it germinate. We had to wiggle a few things, but it fits fairly well for now. Pooka asked as she put it under the light "what happens if it grows a real dragon? Can I keep it? What if my dragon shoots plants instead of fire or ice? Will Daddy still let me keep it?" I told her we would cross that bridge when we come to it. I fear the day she finds a "real" dragon. Daddy says it must shoot fire or ice and fly. If anyone could find one, it would be Pooka.
Now we wait.

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