Friday, March 13, 2015

The Fuse is lit

Some days, I really wonder about us. I mean we have taken over a large chunk of the yard to allow someone her dream of a garden. We have gone to a more simple life, even if it means more work. Now, we grow things for other people and I wonder what part of my brain thought this would be a good idea.

Let me back up. After Christmas Daddy's coworker, Mr. S came into work and said to Daddy "So you are going to be fostering some plants for me." Daddy had the same reaction "What?" Turns out Mr. S's daughter gave him what is called a Man Crate. I admit, I had to look it up, but inside his crate (which is the one I think I linked to) came with 2 little cans. The cans apparently hold the seeds and growing medium for a Ghost pepper and a Moruga scorpian pepper plants. Now, if you are unfamiliar with these peppers, they are HOT. Like melt your fillings, the death peppers are NOTHING hot. I admit I had to look them up.
Oh dear... 
 Well, Mr. S has a very black thumb, but he wanted to see what they were like. He asked the office's guy with a daughter with a very green thumb if she would "foster" them for him. Daddy agreed and came home and told us. Well, this is what he brough home. 2 things that look very much like soda cans. I will admit, I am a tad nervous of what we are now growing, but we will see. I wrote on the cans in sharpie to keep track of which one is which. My only response was that Mr. S had to take like 90+% of any fruit they produce. Pooka heard how hot they were and has already refused to even harvest the things. Daddy said we may want gloves. What did we do now?
Not a soda I want to drink
Over the weekend, we decided we should probably get these things started. First you pop the soda tab at the bottom. This is the drainage hole and the little while "Cover" allows it to store some water and act as a catcher.
It is open
On the other side is a pull tab much like you would find on a canned good. That one you just pull completely off. Once you remove the lid, you find this very sandy growing medium. The seeds are already planted inside, you just fill it with water until it drains out the bottom and then set aside in a very warm place. It said it could take up to a month or more to sprout, and it needs to be over 80 degrees.
tick, tick,  tick, tick
We followed the directions and then I placed them in a glad ware container (To better contain the drainage). We placed them under our new grow lights and as close to a heat mat as possible. I need to make sure I save the directions, but this will be an interesting experiment. However, Daddy said it best, "These are just a very small bomb with a very long fuse" since I think it said it can take up to 8 months for harvest. Now to hope that it goes well enough that Mr. S gets what he wants and we don't all die in the process.

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