Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Trying "The exotic"

I decided it was finally time to start the most daunting of Pooka's birthday presents, a banana tree. Well actually, if you read the box, its not a tree so much as it is an herb. Either way, it was time to get it started.
Opening it up
It came with the standard giant disk that will become dirt if you add enough water to it. Now, here is where we went our own way with the directions. It took SO LONG for the disk to turn into wet dirt, we poured the water on it and left it for 2 days before we got around to planting seeds.
And time to inflate
The banana seeds came in a very interesting little packet. I will say that Pooka enjoyed reading it and thinking of what she could grow. The fact this is not a "tree" but an herb is right front and center. I think this is to keep parents from freaking out over the "What did I get myself into"
Seed packet
Now, I will admit, I don't really remember seeing seeds in bananas, especially not ones that look like these. This entire project is a case of "I didn't know that."
Those are bigger than I expected
Once everything was ready, we placed the seeds in the house and put the lid on. The entire set up is in the front room now and is waiting. I did save enough seeds that we can try this again. The reviews online said sometimes they mold instead of grow, so I wanted to have a second shot if that happens. Now to see if we can get something to appear.
Now to wait

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